ITALSOLDER is a privately owned company specializing in the manufacture and supply SOLDER ALLOYS, FILLER METALS FOR BRAZING and BABBITT ALLOYS for engineering and industrial applications, refrigeration and air conditioning industries, automotives, electrical and electronics projects. All products are manufactured from highest quality raw materials in accordance with the strictest standards such as AWS, ASTM, DIN and UNI.

Italsolder has several years’ experience in the BRAZING and SOLDERING industry, giving them effective solutions to all their special alloys requirements. In our factory based in Lima, our staff is able to develop some alloys for a specific application in response to the challenges of modern industry being able to provide practical and cost effective solutions.

Italsolder Products include SOFT SOLDER ALLOYS (Cored Wire Solder) “LEGATIN” Extruded Bar Solders, Soldering Fluxes and also Lead-Free Alloys.
A wide range of BRAZING ALLOYS “Legamax” Silver and Silver Copper/Phosphorous filler metals. Whitemetals, Babbitt Alloys (Tin-Base Wire) for metallizing. Also Lead Cames for Stained Glass